McKenzie Day

Student & Developer


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Ryerson University

If I had been asked in high school “Where do you think you’ll be after you graduate?” I literally never would have imagined I’d be where I am today. That being said, there is nothing I would change about the route I’ve taken so far. University in general is amazing, but the atmosphere of the classes and the people at Ryerson make it that much better. I enjoy just about every class I take, I have a great group of friends, and I am putting my education to practice with freelance web development. I study computer science and just finished my second year.

Gotta love the SLC, especially because of the Starbucks in it!
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Coding Experience


A bit more Info

I’ve been programming with a vast amount of languages - more than what's listed here. Each new language is unique in it’s own sense in that they have a different paradigm they’re built on, some are compiled while others are interpreted, syntax and semantics differ greatly across each, and each has a certain area where it is most suitable. That being said, the graph to the left doesn’t mean that I suck at the one’s that are low. It just means this is my comfort level with each one and how often I tend to use it. Every developer has a favorite language or two they prefer to use; it’s a matter of preference and application as to what language a developer uses.


Website Development

Basic Website

Need a basic website? Using pure HTML, CSS, Javascript, and hosting services I can get your site up and running!

Website Maintenance

Have a website, but it needs some touching up? Get in contact with me and we can work it out!

Technical Training & Support

Zoom Training & Support

Need some help getting started? Have an important meeting and need someone to facilitate it? Hit my line!

I can also do tutoring over Zoom!
Tech Support

Laptop software not working as expected? Need a bit of help installing software? Advice on buying hardware? I'm you're guy!

Programming Tutor

I have a very strong handle on many of the top programming languages used today! Need some help finding out where to start? Feel free to hit my line!


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